Why was Moffino produced?

Moffino was created to open conversations with people to challenge their ideas of what they believe is true. So many people in Italy are convinced that God is not real, that it is boring to be a religious person, that God is only for old people, and that religion is not for a smart and clever person. The intention of Moffino is to offer people a good laugh while challenging them to think with a different perspective in their life.

Why non-believers in the crew?

I wanted non-christians in the crew because I wanted to see people challenged from the very first step of the production. While we were working it was natural for people to ask why I was producing this story and it was amazing to see their reaction when I told them of how I wanted to inspire people to see God from another perspective.

  • We watched this beautiful short film with students, taking the time to ask ourselves, "what are our preconceptions about Jesus? Do our preconceptions prevent us from honestly evaluating the claims Jesus made?"
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