The impact

In 10 screenings of this documentary all around Italy we have reached hundreds of people with the message of the gospel. The Italian churches cannot believe how effective it is to use cinema as a platform for evangelism. Each screening has sold out, with crowds of 200-500 people. After watching the documentary, during the Q&A time, these people ask specific questions about faith, Christianity, and God. Pastors and elders couldn't believe how many non-believers showed up at the screenings. Unforgivable will be on public Italian TV this fall with the potential of reaching 200,000 people who will be directed to our website, where a team of believers are ready to answer questions about faith and God's forgiveness.


Unforgivable explores the relationship between Alice, a Tutsi woman who lost her child and her hand in the Rwandan Genocide in 1994, and Emmanuel, the Hutu man who attacked her and her family. After serving his prison term, Emmanuel seeks out Alice and confesses to being the one who cut off her hand. Alice extends him forgiveness and together, they run the Ukuri Kuganze Association, providing housing and counseling for genocide survivors and facilitating reconciliation between them and their former attackers.

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